Plan Laguna de Apoyo // 300 m al norte despues el Triangulo
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Also check out our tour operator company BUENA and our friends from CAFE DE LOS SUEÑOS, FISTS AND BLADES and ALL REAL ESTATE NICARAGUA

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Enjoy our delicious food

At Paradiso we are convinced that food is a fundamental and highly enjoyable part of the day That’s why our French cook and local chef have created a menu to make your stay in Paradiso even more special. We make our food as fresh as possible, so everyday market shopping is mandatory for us. The inspiration we find in the market is translated to our dish of the day. See our menu below!

What do you expect from a bar on the lakeshore in the country of great rum? Right – refreshing cocktails! Our bartender can mix alcoholic or fresh fruit cocktails – whatever you are up for, just ask: non-alcoholic batidos, Mojito (or mojito fresa) with fresh mint from our garden, Piña Colada, Margarita, Laguna Kiss, Dansa del Cafe … the list goes on! Name your favorit spirits and our bartender Diego will create for you a perfect mix!